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Wednesday Night Bingo
Wednesday 18 April 2018, 07:45pm - 09:45pm
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$12 for 32 games

Introducing our new Hi-Lo Game!!
What is Hi-Lo?
Hi-Lo is a game where you are guaranteed $50, plus your call in cash.
If you win Bingo on #12, you will receive $62. If you win Bingo on #88, you will receive $138, etc.
Hi-Lo can be multiplied. So "Double Hi-Lo" is $100 plus your call. "Triple Hi-Lo" is $150 plus your call, etc.
Wednesday Night's jackpot is "18x Hi-Lo"..... which is a MINIMUM $900 - plus your call!!

1st Session - 7:45pm
Big Cash Carnival Flyer $1
Liner - $100    Full House - $150
PLUS! Match 5 symbols to win an extra bonus!
MINOR - $150     MAJOR - $400

15 game book $4:
1x $300, 1x $200, 13x $100

2nd Session - 8:45pm:
"Spin & Win" Flyer - $1
Press the Big Red Button to activate the spinning wheel, to see what you have won!
(Full house only) $250 or $300 or $400! (T&C apply, see below)

15 game book $6:
1x "18xHi-Lo" (prize between $901 - $140)
4x "Double Hi-Lo" (prize between $101 - $190)
10x Hi-Lo (prize $51 - $140)

** Spin & Win terms and conditions**
In the event there are two or more winners on this flyer, the caller will press the Big Red Button. The amount spun up will be divided evenly amongst the winners.

(if sufficient tickets sold)

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