Fundraisers Information

Did you know that you can hold a fundraiser for your kindergarten, school or sporting club at Ballarat Bingo Centre?

It’s so simple! Nothing to buy, sell or organise other than your book purchases!

You will receive 50% back of your total sales! It’s that’s simple! Sell more books, get more money!

How it works:

  • Contact Lisa in the office to book your preferred date (Monday nights only)
  • Arrange to pick up your voucher booklet, usually 2-3 weeks in advance. You will initially receive 100 vouchers to sell, with more vouchers available upon request.
  • Pre-sell vouchers in lieu of books, $7 per voucher
    • (1 book played = 1 voucher. 2 books played = 2 vouchers, etc.)
  • Minimum sales: 50 vouchers. Maximum sales: 200 vouchers.
  • On the night, the event organiser is to bring in the money, and unsold vouchers.
  • Bingo players are to bring their pre-paid vouchers and exchange them for their bingo books
  • We can reserve tables for participants. Please notify us on the day of your booking, how many seats you would like reserved.
  • Doors open 6:30pm
  • Eyes down 7:45pm. Night concludes 9:30pm
  • Participants must be aged 18+
  • A cheque will be made out to your organisation during the following week (no cash back given on the night)


We prefer sales of vouchers to be finalised before participants attend the venue. We know this isn’t always possible, but it gets messy and confusing trying to sell vouchers just before a session, and can lead to the organisations money not balancing.

Also, unless a person is directly involved with your organisation, or a close friend/family member of an associate, we ask that you refrain from selling vouchers to regular bingo patrons.


28x $50 - $90 (funny money)
1x $100 - $180 (double funny money)
1x Jackpot
Minimum prizes: $20 (for shared winnings)

Click Here to download our Fundraising Information as a PDF